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PTE 培生考试一直不被广大考生熟悉,墨尔本文波PTE希望以连载的形式告诉PTE考生PTE的各种题型应试技巧。下面开始连载五:PTE写作题型Writing essay


  1. 题目要求:


  1. 考查能力:
  • 紧扣题目要求,进行逻辑推理和论证的能力
  • 丰富的词汇和语法基础,语言灵活多变的能力
  1. 常见问题:
  • 语言过于简单、或由于过于复杂而导致的错误太多
  • 词汇匮乏,只能使用基础口语的词汇,或使用了个别书面语词汇,但重复太多
  • 正文段论证不足,没有做到完备推理和充分论证
  1. 解决方案:
  • 墨尔本文波雅思独家提供高分核心词汇和短语1000个,夯实词汇基础,从根本上提高学生的语言内功
  • 语法强化练习,尤其注意如何使简单句结合,写出逻辑完整、语法正确的非简单句
  • 逻辑论证中,分清事实前提和主观结论的区别,以及结论需要哪些事实和推理
  1. 实例讲解:

Some people prefer to spend their holidays in resorts where everything is organized for them and they take little interest in the country they are visiting. Others prefer to travel around the country and to see how the people live, to get to know their customs and traditions and cuisine.

Write an essay on which type of foreign travel you think is best for both the tourist and the local community.


  • 审题,确定不同理由(关于理由,考生只需要关注合理性,不必强求是否绝对真理)。比如:travel around the country可以提高当地经济发展
  • 关于上述理由,属于推理的结论。只要能够证明该理由,即可说明travel around the country是好的旅游选择。但是该理由需要什么样的事实前提和推理关系呢?这应该是考生思考的重点!
  • 不难发现,要证明travel around the country可以提高当地经济发展,需要下列前提:游客当来会产生许多消费—举例证明—这些消费一部分增加了当地人的收入,一部分增加了税收 —一定程度上提高当地经济发展
  • 所需词汇:expenditure, spending, picturesque scenery, souvenirs, tax revenue, boost the local economy,语法要求:简单句与非简单句的比例关系最好为1:3

Traveling around the country is a very effective way for the local community to boost their economy. As more tourists come to visit the countryside, what attracts them is more than the picturesque scenery, but the local food and souvenirs are also a must-try recipe. For example, a great number of tourists keep talking about the unforgettable hot and spicy cuisine when they come back from Sichuan, a place known for panda seeing. The local people involved in the business have benefited enormously and, with some of the incomes going to the tax revenue, the local communities are often able to see a boosted economy.

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